SCS019: 5 Helpful Tips To Plan A Cruise To The Caribbean with Kingsley Grant

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Growing up in the rural parts of Jamaica, had it’s advantages and disadvantages. The phrase “plan a cruise” would not normally be a part of any conversation we would have. This requires vacation time, which wasn’t something common among us.

Tips to plan a Caribbean Cruise with Kingsley GrantSome people from the city would be more familiar with these conversations even though they may not have actually gone on a cruise.

Not being familiar or up-to-date on certain phrases or words, some of the people from the city would label us sometimes as a “country bwoy (boy)” or “country gal (girl).”

It wasn’t something that I was proud of. As a matter of fact it was mostly used in a derogatory way. The implications is that you are not as smart, up-to-date, or “cool” as those who were from the city.

I’m not sure if you had this or a similar experience, but I think you are able to get the gist of the term and why it was used.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

One of the disadvantages of growing up in the country is that we were not exposed to a lot of things as those from the city. Some of us were kind of naive to certain things and our lives were more laid-back than those from the city.

For me, going on vacation was one of the “things” I referenced above. We knew about the idea but never experienced it in the true sense of the word.

Our family never planned vacations. My dad was busy with work as a solopreneur, which you will hear more about in this episode. His work solely depended on him each day going out to make an income. No work, no income.

To plan a vacation meant not having an income for that period of time. He was the main provider for the family, which made it even more challenging.

In this episode I talk more about that as well as delved into the following five tips on how to plan a cruise especially one that is Caribbean in nature.

Here are the 5 helpful tips to plan a cruise:

  1. Plan to exercise
  2. Avoid purchasing the wifi plan
  3. Plan your daily activities the day before
  4. Plan personal down time
  5. Prepare for a small shower space

Bonus Tip:

Plan to go off the ship at each port for the experience even if it is just to walk around.

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