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Weekly Feature 
Immigrants who succeeded outside their homeland.
If you or someone you know pushed against the odds and accomplished a desired dream, this is the moment to tell your story. Many are waiting to hear how it was done from which they'll draw hope and encouragement.

Weekly News
Updates on special happenings within the Caribbean.
As much as is possible, we will be updating news items that we deem newsworthy. This may not happen each week if there isn't anything trending that we believe is newsworthy.

Weekly Podcast
Listen to interviews, dialogues and monologues on success.
Each week you will be able to tune into an online on-demand radio podcast. You will hear stories of other immigrants who have overcome the odds to achieve their dream. You will have access through iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, as an MP3 file and eventually on iHeart Radio.
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Behind The Scenes
Kingsley Grant

Country of descent:
JAMAICA, living in the USA

Who Am I?:
Christian, Husband, Father of 2, Certified Coach, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Podcaster and Published Author

Change the world one dream at a time through motivational speaking, coaching and writing.

Self Employed:
Transitioned from a 21 year career into my own business since 2008. I'm an Entrepreneur at heart who uses my resources to improve the lives of others.
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