SCS020: 3 Fears That Limit Your Success with Ike Anderson

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Being in control of your life and taking responsibility for the direction it takes is very liberating and empowering. However, this responsibility can make you cringe when you realize that you can limit your success by what you do or not do.

Fears That Cripple Your Success with Ike Anderson and Kngsley GrantIt is one thing to make decisions that you thought would lead to your success and it didn’t pan out as planned. This is part of life. The sad part is when you don’t go after your dream, which could bring you success because of fear.

How many people do you know that have done this? I know quite a few people who allowed fear to dominate their lives to the extent they chose to “bury” their dream.

Are you one of those? Are you allowing fear to keep you from your best life?

I know what it’s like to be at that place.

It wasn’t too many years ago where I found myself dealing with similar fears.

In this episode our guest – Ike Anderson – helps us look at three fears that could limit your success unless you do something about it. He shared his own life and how he too had to overcome these fears. You will be surprised about his update on this very topic as it comes to his own journey.

Here are some other important things to know about Ike and his thoughts about Jamaica – the country he is representing, migration, responsibility, hard work and taking action.

Why visit Jamaica:

– Explore the historical aspect of the country; ancestry and lineage; cultural mix of people from several cultural mix

Whats a must do in Jamaica?

– Expose yourself to the music and the many food items available

Favorite dish:

– Ackee & Saltfish

Homeland lessons my Grandmother taught me:

 hard work always beat talent

you have to be better than the next person 

– learn to work smarter, not necessarily harder

– be willing to do twice as much as the next person

– your talent can take you but so far

Definition of Success:

the ability to do what I want, when I want, how I want to because I want to, while contributing to others

Obstacles experienced:

overcoming fear

– becoming vulnerable especially having grown up within a culture that communicates the opposite

Migration story:

– Literally had to start over from scratch not having the support system in place as I had in Jamaica.

– Going to a school that had a lot of Jamaicans was helpful. It gave me a feel of being home. Also, living in a community that has a huge Jamaican population, helped also.

– I didn’t like the migration. I wanted to go home. It can be really lonely.

– Having my dad around helped to some degree.

– Because I realized that this journey is always unfolding, I had to be flexible. I also chose not to stay down and kept going when things got rough.

– As it is with your car light that will only give you enough light for a short distance but as you go you find that it is always enough to get you to the next point, so it is with my journey.

– My life and business is always evolving.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Get clear on your dreams – what are you creating and why.
  2. Create a roadmap for your life
  3. Surround yourself with amazing people because you are the average of the 5 people you hang around. Constantly evaluate your peer group.
  4. Figure out and practice a daily habit of how to ground yourself. For me it’s gratitude. Gratitude dispels fear and other negative emotions from your body.

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Ike Anderson’s Bio:

Ike Anderson has been a “serial entrepreneur” since age nine, when he enlisted the ‘power of duplication’ with several other boys, creating a direct sales candy company that grew into an international business with an evolutionary distribution model, before he was 15.

In the same spirit, he is now the CEO and founder of UpStart InternetÔ, a niche Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising Agency that serves clients in creating their vision with laser-focused accuracy by maximizing online user experience and strategy. He oversees the day-to-day operations and manages the agency’s Search Engine Optimization architecture, and a top-notch team of creative, and analytical staff.

Ike’s lifelong commitment to developing transparent and focused professional relationships has allowed business to grow, almost exclusively, by word of mouth and has supported the acquisition of six other companies to ensure the best of all services to his clients.

Coupled with knowledge, intuition, and skill, Upstart Internet, under Anderson’s leadership, fulfills the demands of an ever-evolving global marketplace and Internet with an inspired vision for success, further expansion and a meticulous plan for its fulfillment. With a vision of collaboration and huge belief that “we are always better together” infused in everything he does, Ike and his team are making global impact for their clients and the not-for-profit corporations he mentors.

His involvement with Martial Arts since the age of six and being part of a tight-knit family, taught him discipline, how to work through adversity with respect, and how to create win-win opportunities for all involved; all translating into enormous results.

He continues to be involved in his local community, is a champion for the highest and best outcomes, and looks forward to entering the political arena to champion causes that will move humanity forward. He has provided keynote address and public speaking in a variety of venues that are a call to action. 

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